If you don’t find your question in our FAQs, please email ann@wvc.org.uk and we’ll add the question and answer to this section.

You may also find it useful to read the Volunteering England Guide that helps you to prepare for volunteering. Read “Finding volunteering opportunities”

Where do I start?
You can start online by searching the www.do-it.org.uk database to see if there is a volunteering opportunity near where you live or work. If there is, you can register on the same website. Your application will be processed by the volunteer centre that posted the information.

What do I get out of it?
Each person is different. You might make new friends, gain more confidence, new skills, more self esteem, work experience, something useful to add to your CV, life skills. The organisation where you volunteer will usually give you a reference, too, when you leave. Watch 5 videos on YouTube where people tell their own stories of volunteering

How long does it take to find a volunteer placement?
This depends on the type of role you are looking for. If you contact us about a volunteer opportunity that is already on our list of advertised opportunities, we will pass your details on to the organisation involved within 2 working days.  Many organisations have a part time volunteer coordinator, so they will respond when they are at work again.

Do I need any qualifications?
Sometimes a voluntary organisation might need a book keeper, in which case they will ask for a qualification or someone who is studying to achieve a qualification. There might be a person specification for a volunteering role in the same way there is for a paid job. This does not mean that the volunteering role is paid employment – it is not!

Will there be an interview?
There will normally be an interview to find out more about you and your skills, especially if the volunteering role requires a specific skill. Organisations may need to check that you will fit into the existing team and agree with their organisational culture or aim.

What if I don’t receive a response to my enquiry?
We pass your details to the organisation which is advertising the volunteering opportunity. If you don’t receive a response from them within 10 days, contact ann@wvc.org.uk or telephone 01905 24741 and ask to speak to Ann Havas.

Do I get paid?
No. A volunteer gives their time freely and you should never feel obliged to become a volunteer. However, volunteers should not be out of pocket and you should claim travel expenses. If you spend more than 4 hours volunteering, you should also ask the organisation about expenses for food.

What is the state of volunteering in Worcestershire?
During 2012/13 a survey of volunteering in Worcestershire was commissioned by the Worcestershire Voices Board.
Download the Worcestershire Volunteering 2013 Research Summary
Download the full Research Report

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