Worcestershire VOICES
Worcestershire Voices was a new development in 2013. it aims to provide strategic leadership and a collective voice for the voluntary and community sector in the county. It brings the Voluntary and Community Sector together to demonstrate how unique and diverse it is and the contribution it makes to Worcestershire. Worcestershire Voices does this through:

  1. Voices Board – provides strategic leadership, a mechanism through which other sectors can have discussions with the VCS and an independent, coherent and more influential voice.
  2. Virtual Voices Panel – provides a sector-wide view on issues relevant to the sector
  3. Website – provides a single information access point to the sector, supports networking and encourages engagement

Through the Worcestershire Voices website you can:

  • Help to shape the future of the Voluntary and Community Sector in Worcestershire by joining discussion forums and consultations
  • Put your organisation on the county’s Voluntary and Community Sector map
  • Tell your organisation’s success stories
  • Look up training and events around the county
  • Access support from experts in their field

The website’s ‘Marketplace‘ provides the sector with easy access to the Worcestershire Volunteering Hub, events information, news, training, consultancy and support from local, Worcestershire-based providers.