Miss Elizabeth Coxon

Worcester Wheels / Worcester Volunteer Centre Trustees are extremely grateful to the estate of Miss Elizabeth Coxon for the recent bequest and to Sue Sharp for administering the process. To mark our gratitude and respect we are proud to share Liz’s brief obituary with all of our customers, volunteers and stakeholders.


Miss Elizabeth Coxon 1946 – 2016


Known to her friends as Liz, she always maintained that she had been very lucky in her life despite leaving us at only 69 years of age. From being born at the right time, spending a happy childhood on a farm with her sister and parents, whom she loved dearly, to a rewarding career and wonderful friendships made along the way. On leaving school she trained to be a teacher and after many years in primary teaching she specialised in Special Needs for the rest of her career. Being one of the last people to be able to retire at 50 she did have 18 good years of retirement before falling ill with pancreatic cancer. She wants her bequest to make a difference to other people’s lives.

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