Give and Win Charity Lottery

Worcester Volunteer is registered with this new initiative from NCVO.

For every £2 ticket that you buy, a £1 donation will go directly to your chosen charity to help them survive and thrive. Buy a Give and Win lottery ticket now.

Give and Win Voluntary is the UK’s first online fundraising lottery set up to help charities and voluntary organisations thrive.

Players can win cash prizes in weekly draws AND raise much-needed funds for their local charity in the process.

  • Players buy tickets online for £2 each – players can buy as many tickets as they want and can either play once, or set up a recurring monthly credit or debit card payment.
  • When paying for their tickets online, players are asked to select which charity they would like their ticket proceeds to go to. Charities get £1 of every £2 ticket sold.
  • Players are asked to select their chosen charity from a drop-down list. Charity must register to appear in this list – the organisation administrator just needs to set up a personalised online fundraising page.
  • The Give and Win Voluntary lottery draw takes place every week. Winners will be selected at random and notified by email if they have won a cash prize.
  • Charities receive any proceeds from tickets sales on a monthly basis by direct debit , after each draw takes place.

Buy a Give and Win lottery ticket now.

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